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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tech-Deep: PFSense

Tech-Deep: PFSense: PFsense:  pfSense is a firewall/router distribution based on a fork from the m0n0wall project. Based on the FreeBSD Operating System pfSens...

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Why My Computer Always Restart or Booting

You always irritated when your PC always restart or shutdown during playing , making some web site search or office works .. you can pissed off when happen during the mid of your work  .e,g presentation long typing words of doc and the only thing you forget is hitting a save icon/button so your work is down and get back to work again from scratch..

So I Decide to make a little explanation based in my experienced for almost 10 years as computer technician

 first we category your PC or machine according to date manufactured,

You Can check your pc when date birth in the bios setting the first text appear when your computer start.

1)  5 years ++ old pc are very rare life span of the motherboard is on that line sometime 2 -3 years after you purchased symptoms show very often,,

2) 2-3 years old this the day you always encountered this problem

3) month - 1-year old

*** For The 5 years old PC if your machine still kicking
  a.) check the power supply if the fan is still spinning clean it necessary
  b.) check video card fan is still spinning at check it for hot surface in 5mins after start up
  c.) check southbridge heatzinc add fan if needed
  d.) clean memory golden feet and check it with memory test software  HIREN software is optional ,pencil back eraser is the best for it,, make sure not to hard to scratch.
  e.) check you hardisk noise if making unusual noise it cause for bad disk  put in the HDD software and check for bad sector.

*** For 2-3 years old machine
  a.) used in the first method to the last ..
  b.) try to analyzed the cause of starting ,1st the power line down to to the output device connected to pc like usb thumdrive keyboard/mouse.
  c.) if you buy your pc brand new from the store 3 parts usually causing for restarting it comes for the add ons card or not part of the motherboard,,
   1.) power supply
   2.) video card
   3.) memory
   4) hardisk

  check this parts with software utilities
  clean first from dust
  rent or borrow this 3 parts from your friend to avoid wrong diagnose and save your time at cash.

***A  Month old or 1 year pc is unexpected to show a symptoms of restarting.. 90% of this due for some dust around the fans of power supply. video card fan or a bad hardisk or bad sector..

a.) clean all the dust and check your components for liquid spilling that cause the short circuit check my post

b.) re-sitted your memory to the memory slots
c.) hardisk bad sector check it with the software HDD, Seatools  active boatdisk .use which one your suitable to use

Thanks for reading hope it helps


Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to take care of your video card and Give extra Life

When Considering buying a New PC or a Video Card , Take a special look on the heat zinc and fan Style of the card  PC's you bought from the store or online got a package items including Printer,Speaker, headset is got a budget and not moving items of the store shelves so they put it on to the package and put some little drop down price so customer will amaze.. and what do you expect the things inside.. specially a Video Card that got a Mid range Build quality a budget Chips or Budget heat zinc and fan ,that's a Wrong Decision of the customer to accept it in the store .

  Because sooner or later after heavy or fluent used  your Video card or power supply will be busted due for overheat and some dust that's why the cooling style of the items doesn't do they job. and you find your self putting  your head all up to diagnose the situation .why my PC TURN OFF while in the middle of my work or games ,,

 One way to diagnose your Video card health is for massive gaming .depends in what kind of game your card or PC can handle . when your PC turn off while in your game or restart suddenly ,, please touch gently your Video card Heat zinc and fan if hot turn on again and check your Video card fan if he;s doing his job..
Or check your Power supply Fan ,

Symptoms For Defective Video Card

1) To hot heat zinc
2) Fan not Functioning
3) Blowing Capacitors
4) Check for Liquid Spilled around The PCB board

Remedy for Defective Video Card

1, Re -solder bloated capacitor
2, Put extra Fan ..( i used CPU fan and put the power connector in motherboard Chassis fan slot
3. Always check for liquid spilled around the PCB clean it with hair dryer
4, Clean your PC from dust every month..
5, IF blackout ( Off the heat zinc and fan and put it on Motherboard and put your finger in the GPU so you can feel the heat arise in the chips and turn off the power every minutes do it 2-3x and put back tha fan and heat zinc an try ,, 50%/50% on this method )

90% of Video Card problem is over heating and 10% comes for liquid spilled around PCB board due for Capacitor leaked or some insects or mice liquid ..

Tips For Buying Video Card ..

  1,Check if the fan is heavy duty to cover the whole hot area of the Card.
  2. Buy or install Extra heat zinc or fan
  3, you can put some extra heat the memory got cool too.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

How To get Rid Off Dynamic View Features on your Blog (blogspot blog only )

Did Your Convert your blog to a Dynamic View features and Want to get rid off it ..???

                                Dynamic View ..
Dynamic view features is an eye candy color  for the visitors of your site but a hard one for the author when comes to save your favorite adsense or some features in your previous blog,, Dynamic view is easy and friendly for visitors benefit a lot. as i said dynamic view features on your blog is like a new dress to fit your site cool isnt it.. (for a new look)

Now here comes the hard one for the author of the blog how can you back to your old site when you noticed some features of your site can't fit. in the dynamic view features.. here the tip that i found due im a victim of this..

1) First login your google Acct..

2) Choose More >blogger

3) Now you view your Dashboard Edit now


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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

SSL Error On (facebook or other Site)

Did you experience this error when you logging your account in your one of the favorite Site (e,g Facebook, Twitter)

The Cause of this is your System date is not accurate due of Cmos battery malfunction because your PC is 3-4 years old or somebody set your PC clock back to the past ,turn Off and unplug your System open your PC case locate your Cmos battery ( rely on your motherboard manual ) and change with the new one .Cmos battery cost only $1 usd is a cheap cash out than you hire a technician or buy a new PC .

  Hope it save your PC, money and time ..

    Note: Simple Problem of your PC doesn't need to check in the hospital or be a Doctor ,
           Remember Google is your Friend You Can Do It

      Thanks for visiting Enjoy reading 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Warcraft 3 (Dota Exe) Error

Hey Shop Owner !! got problem after Formatting your new PC or old one due for slow performance and lately you encounter a irritable error on your one of the hottest game in your Shop .DOTA or warcraft III , the symptoms of this is can find Cd of Warcraft III in your drive or it goes like your new install warcraft III without crack for it at patch , Frozen throne ,his a remedy of this ..
   Download microsoft frame work 3.5 here and your headache is gone for this hottest game in town ..

hope it helps See you for next Tricks and Tips 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Where’s my Desktop Icon? (This is not a windows right click show desktop command)

Is sad to think when your desktop icon is gone ,when your open your PC or laptop. Is not an improper start of PC OS or something about the power connector like somebody think,, is because you install something in star up program and register it to run upon pc start or a worm causes this in the slow process of displaying your desktop icons, even you got a high power CPU and huge RAM..(Feel like a Pentium 1 old day machine)
 Here a tips and tricks:
      1)      First check antivirus for update and run scan
2)      If problem still exists go to start >Run type MSCONFIG
3)      Go to startup tab check it unknown application running in background when PC start
4)      Select it by uncheck it and make it research for an associated programs
5)      80% of it is cause for a online application or a update program like winamp agent and Hp product support (is not a bad program just reinstall it )
6)      Restart the PC. Make it a list for your task so you can make it back if you got a wrong un run program
7)      You can run in safe mode to and uninstall a suspect program